Our Cast of Characters
Daniel's wouldn't be anything
without our great staff.  Here's our family!

Executive Chef

"Daniel's has allowed me to express myself.  I get great enjoyment out of making dishes that people enjoy."

Line Cook

"Daniel's has given me the opportunity to work in a great kitchen with a great chef and great people.  I feel at home here."


"The first time I walked into Daniel's, I knew I was home... My heart burst with excitement.  I encourage all my friends to come and enjoy great food in a fun atmosphere.  Daniel's is my second home."


"Daniel's became a second home to me back in October of 2002.  A flyer was dropped off with me one day and I thought I would go by and see if they needed a waitress.  I was hired that day.  Every day here since has been so great.  I have met some of the nicest people here & they have brought great happiness to my life.  The people here at Daniel's are like family to me.  Very loving and caring."


"I enjoy making the pizzas."